Appcompat V21!

AppCompat v21 delivers an API and feature-set that is up-to-date with Android In this release, Android introduces a new Toolbar widget.

The new v21 appcompat update provides the API and feature-set that is up to date with Android Android introduces a new Toolbar.

Here is a code snippet displaying material Switches even on older versions. https ://

I have upgraded my app to AppCompat v21 for the Material Design look and feel. I am using the r widged instead of the. Edit: As of AppCompat , any activity can be themed using AppCompatDelegate. The name of the tinted view classes also changed from v7. I want to use new Android Toolbar pattern instead of ActionBar. I add a Toolbar as SupportActionBar from appCompat v21 and now, I want to hide/show it with.

There is no longer a need for creating your own FAB nor using a third party library, it was included in AppCompat

This worked for me very well.

I found the proper solution here: By using -keep class! r">?attr/colorPrimary @style/ActionBarTitle. You need to use a different namespace when using AppCompat. Try this.

You can create any background colored 9 patch image, and set it as a background of you spinner. enter image description here. and set it in background of your.

I need some help from you guys. I'm trying to add an action bar to the new appcompact (AppCompat v21) theme because I don't see any bar when I run the app. I'd go with: style="@style/r". But feel free to pick another one: enter image description here. Forms Android apps to use AppCompat and Material Design. An additional style must be included in the values-v21 folder to apply specific.

Material Theme is now included in AppCompat, so that you can easily create will see that I'm using a Base theme and overriding the final theme in values-v

With the new AppCompat v21 and related tools you can build material design into your app, for platform versions all the way back to Android.

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